About Us

Meari Technology was founded in 2017. As a global leading company of IoT intelligent video terminals, we integrate R&D, sales, supply chain and specialize in one-stop smart home video solutions. Within all 400+ personnel, R&D staff account for over 50%, which is our core competitiveness in the industry.
Core Team
  • Complete Professionals

    Complete R&D teams, full chain of product development.
  • Highly Educated

    Bachelors over 90%. Doctor included.
  • Specialized Staff

    Core team have abundant industry experience of more than ten years.
Core Technology Advantages

Low Power Consumption

As the trend of industry, Low Power Consumption technology has been growing very fast. However, Low Power Consumption products have high technical content and involve many professional areas, which lead to difficult development.

With early start and large investment, Meari masters a series of core technology and achieves leading market share. Meari has won the good reputation and became a main player in the world.

AI Technology

1. Strong R&D
Professional AI team, and original image&voice recognition core technology guarantee algorithm capability development On Cloud, Edge and Device.

2. Leading Algorithm Optimization
For different hardware and usage scenarios, Meari optimizes algorithm deeply and release AI capabilities of products totally. Meari AI algorithm has leading adaptation for various chip platforms. It commercialized Human Body Detection algorithm on single-core ARM 9 series chips and lowered the threshold of AI chip in CCTV industry.

3. Excellent Algorithm Performance
Meari archived leading level on various chip platforms. For example, on Ingenic T31 Platform, Meari’s detection rate is much higher than official SDK of Ingenic with twice detection efficiency.

WebRTC Cloud Platform

1. Connection to smart devices can realize two-way audio:
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Chromecast
    Apple Homekit

2. H5 page and Client

3. Far ahead of industry standard in real-time performance

Other Core Technology Advantages

1. Processing of video image

2. Novel appearance design and advanced structural process

3. Highly reliable integration of intelligent hardware and products

4. Global distribution of video cloud platforms

5. Comprehensive ability of software (Embedded, APP, Server) related to smart video products

6. Excellent user experience and network connection technology with ultra-high success rate.