Mr. Chen Wenjun, the Deputy Distirct Head of Binjiang and Administrative Committee of Gaoxin Area visited Meari Company to know its basic information and development on 4th ,Dec. 2020. Meari’s CEO Yuan Haizhong , General Manager Ying Hongli , Vice-general Manager Wang Fan, Jin Wei, Qin Chao and Gong jie received Mr. Chen . 

Mr. Chen visited Meari’s Product Display Hall to know more about Meari’s products,partners and competitive capacity etc. He showed the appreciation about Meari’s technology research and development. At the same time ,Meari’s CEO make a detailed introduction.

Mr. Chen Wenjun said,”Meari could catch this valuable time to strengthen smart home products technology, accelerate industry extension and promote Meari’s comprehensive competitive ability ”

Mr. Yuan Haizhong appreciated Mr. Chen’s suggestions and shared that Meari will persist in creating technology study, integrating related resources and developing with domestic products chain.

Mr. Chen Wenjun, made a photo with Meari’ team.

Post time: Dec-22-2020